Jukebox Sixties Tour

Jukebox Sixties Tour Poster 2016

JUKE BOX SIXTIES features a new, unique and faithful compilation of some of the greatest Sixties U.K. hits,…warm and nostalgic, timeless and unforgettable….

The Hollywood Bees are now entering their sixth year and their reputation has spread worldwide.

The ‘Bees’ have been complimented by Randy Lewis, music critic  of The Los Angeles Times, invited to

perform at Liverpool’s International Festival and now, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016.

Standing ovations are the norm for this brilliant band who have performed alongside ,The Moody Blues, Searchers, Hollies and many more.

“They held the audience in the palm of their hands from start to finish”….Warner Leisure.

Don’t miss this new show performed by The Hollywood Bees….a real Sixties treat!!!!.